I have sat down many times to write down my thoughts about the current GPU shortage and can not help but feel like things move in different directions so fast it’s hard to nail down just what I think is going on. It’s a part labor shortage, part chip shortage, and a WHOLE lot of demand for Nvidia cards because people think they are the best for mining.

I get asked a lot what a 1500-1600 dollar system would look like to build and to be honest, it won’t make it up to my level of quality when it comes to performance and reliability. I build machines that are fast, beautiful, and customized. To be honest, the GPU I would want to put into MOST people’s systems is about the 1500-1600 dollar range. I can throw in cheaper ones, and sure they will game at 1080p on modest settings just fine, but that’s not the experience I want people to come away from when they get one of my computers. I think this is why I have decided, going forward, to simply focus on custom builds and not offer any pre-configured ideas at the moment. Maybe I will develop a budget estimator for people, but that’s not until late next year. Long story short, some site changes to take away the commerce side of things and focus on simply building the best customer computers I can.

If you want to get started on a sweet custom build for the New Year, drop us a line and we can get started!