I am putting this here as a guide for anyone who wants to build their own system, but may not know just what parts to go and pick out for a build. This one will feature all AMD parts, as I think they give the best bang for the buck, as well as being a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing system. Things like case type can be purely subjective, but the cases I recommend are generally going to be easy to work in, modern, and not too overpriced. None of the links I get anything off of, and really I don’t get anything for giving this advice. On the other hand, if this level of system seems right for you or even if you want something else use the contact link on our page to drop us a line so we can get you into a new PC.

First let’s talk about the CPU. There is no doubt in my mind, that the best bang for your buck right now is the AMD RYZEN 3700X. Eight cores, great IPC, wonderful thermals and TDP and cheap enough to not completely blow out the price of your system.

The motherboard you want to pair with this is pretty subjective. Buildzoid has some good commentary on X570 boards, and most of the technical abilities of the Gigabyte brand stood out to me over the others. The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE is my pick for a good midrange system.

There are a lot of memory options, but straight up you want some DDR3600, and 16 gigs for this level of build. G.Skill has always treated me right, and the G.SKILL TRIDENT Z NEO are great. These particular ones run at CAS 16 and are no slouch. If you do not like the RGB like, its easily turned off for a more stealth look.

This next recommendation may come as a surprise, but for me gaming at 1440P and getting a great gaming experience there is no other GPU to get for me, than the AMD 5700XT. Sure, you can slot a bunch of different Nvidia cards in and around it’s price point, but I just prefer building with it. The SAPPHIRE PULSE 5700XT is really looked at favorably over at Gamer’s Nexus, its currently not in stock but that will change. If you have to build right now, GIGABYTES 5700XT is a good runner up for me.

Lets talk about cooling this CPU. Sure, if you want stick with the box cooler that comes along with your AMD CPU, there is not a thing wrong with it, and for a lot of people its going to be just fine. For me, there is little holding me back from recommending Noctua’s line of CPU coolers. There are lots of different ways to dress up these fans, like with their Chromx accessories that sort of “hide” the brown fans. You can of course swap them out with other Noctua Chromax fans as well its really up to you. For my money though, I love the Noctua NH-U14S, its cooling performance is great and its not expensive. This type of cooler also can’t leak, nor does it really need any maintenance apart from maybe replacing the thermal paste in about 7 years or by chance the fan going out.

Once you get into storage, there are just SO many choices for M.2 SSDs. I personally think WD makes a damn fine offering, and its never the most expensive on the block. Grab yourself a nice 1tb WD BLACK drive and you should have a good bit of storage for your games for awhile.e

Power supplies, yes. Again, tons of vendors to go with but for me there are really only a handful of offerings worth looking at. Seasonic has been SO good to me, and has never let me down. Get one hovering around 850 watts and make sure its Gold rated at the very least. I really like this SEASONIC FOCUS PLUS 850W Gold rated PSU.

Really the final part of any good computer is its case. If we thought the other components could have some subjectivity to them, this one takes the cake. Some people like all glass, some people like smaller builds but for me, I prefer air flow and an easy to work in case above all else. For most people, the COOLER MASTER MASTERCASE H500P will do them just fine. It has great air flow, can accommodate larger air coolers as well as a lot of different all in ones.

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