In 2005 there was a CPU I wanted more than any other, the Athlon FX-60.  It was THE fastest CPU you could get from AMD.  It was unlocked, it was sexy.  Now the Opterons of the day COULD clock higher sometimes even with their locked multiplier, but something about the FX-60 just always was desirable to me.  Luckily, I was able to pick up a CPU that used to run 350 dollars and up for just around 50 bucks on eBay.  The only piece I am missing now is a GPU and a heatsink fan to keep my CPU cool.  Both should be here shortly and I can get a test boot.  

There will be lots of lapping on both the CPU and bottom of my waterblock.  Still waiting on some tubes and I need to convert everything over to compression fittings (because why not) so I can have myself a retro/modern 1/2″ flexible tubing rig.  I am pretty excited about this.  I need to get myself a large case to put all of this in, but that will be after I get this thing booted and tested.