Find answers to common questions about our PC builds, our certifications, our business and more in our frequently asked questions.


What is the difference between an Nvidia and AMD GPU?

Apart from some performance differences at the very high end and some architectural differences, very little. For all intents and purposes, just get what is in your budget. Most gamers game at 1080p at at this resolution there is not a lot of differences between the cards we offer. 


Where do you get your computer parts from?

EliteX purchases from reputable e-tailers and local hardware supply shops.


Do I need to buy a mouse, keyboard and monitor for my computer?

Yes! If you want suggestions on what you should get for your particular build we will be happy to send you some links to suggested products.


Why do none of your pre-built computers come with Intel CPUs offered?

Honestly, it’s because AMD gives you, the buyer much more value and performance for your dollar. We do build with Intel on request (just check out our blog) so if you are for sure wanting Intel, just drop us a contact and we can make that happen.


Do I need antivirus with my computer?

Every Windows PC we ship will have Windows Defender by default, and comes pre-installed with the Brave browser. You can read more about Brave here on our blog. If you feel like you want more than what Windows provides (which is great) we can consult with you and recommend a solution.


Is it dangerous to have liquid cooling in my computer?

Water in a computer sounds scary, but all of our All In One (AIO) liquid coolers and custom loops are leaked tested before they are shipped to you! Water is the highest performing cooling hands down. Closed loop AIO liquid coolers require no maintenance so you don’t have to worry about filling them etc. For those who got a custom loop, please refer to the specific how to’s on our blog.


Where are you guys located?

Elite X Computing is based in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.


I don’t like any of the colors of your computers on your page, why are they all white or black?

Those just happen to be the most popular colors for computers for sure, but if you want something different and custom, drop us a line.

If you are still unable to find an answer to your question in our FAQ, please reach out! We're quick to respond and cover most questions within 24 hours.