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Welcome to the Elite X Computing blog! Here you will discover industry trends, new builds we’re working on and documenting, retro builds we’re creating from old parts and company news as well.

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Build Updates

Been busy! Lots of custom builds coming in. Pretty soon here I will have my gallery of custom work done, lists of specs for each, and links to their respective 3DMark scores (if I had them) Not a lot of time, got to get back to building!

Midrange 1440p Gaming System

Midrange 1440p Gaming System

I am putting this here as a guide for anyone who wants to build their own system, but may not know just what parts to go and pick out for a build. This one will feature all AMD parts, as I think they give the best bang for the buck, as well as being a cohesive and...

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Making New From Old

Decided to take this older AM2 motherboard and parts and turn it into a little media ripper/server. Went to Amazon to grab this Corsair Carbide case, since it still has drive space for DVD drives, which was a must. I am embarking on backing up my old CD collection to...

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The Current State of the GPU Market

I have sat down many times to write down my thoughts about the current GPU shortage and can not help but feel like things move in different directions so fast it's hard to nail down just what I think is going on. It's a part labor shortage, part chip shortage, and a...

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