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The Current State of the GPU Market

I have sat down many times to write down my thoughts about the current GPU shortage and can not help but feel like things move in different directions so fast it's hard to nail down just what I think is going on. It's a part labor shortage, part chip shortage, and a...

The Dire Situation of the GPU

Let us discuss Graphics card availability. As a small system builder, I have quite a bit of a problem on my hands. Where to source new GPUs for my clients, when you don't have the ability to buy in bulk from a distributor? We have been getting creative when it comes...

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In the late years of DDR RAM there was a company that every enthusiast knew, it was OCZ.  OCZ made their brand famous with incredibly overclock-able RAM which enthusiast builders loved.  The kit everyone wanted was some OCZ PC4000 VX Gold. It would routinely overclock...

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A New Way to Showcase My Work

I was talking it over with some friends, and I came to the conclusion that I was relying on Instagram and FaceBook a little too much in promotion of my builds etc. Once I get the massive beast of a machine up and running thats on my bench now, I am going to be...

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